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  • How It Will Look The Titanic II - Watch Video

    Australian billionaire Kłaj Palmer presented the appearance of the future "Titanic 2", certified copies of the world's most famous ship, which sank in the accident in April 1912. year. New "Titanic" is, in his own words, as "the safest ship in the world." However, he refused to call it "unsinkable".

    How It Will Look The Titanic II

    Number of lifeboats on the "Titanic 2" will be enough for all passengers, and the hull of the new ship will be much stronger than the original hull.

    How It Will Look The Titanic II

    At the unveiling of the new ship "Titanic" recalled much as the appearance of the famous film by James Cameron, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. "Titanic 2" will be immortalized in a famous staircase blockbuster

    How It Will Look The Titanic II

    There will be luxury, like the original "Titanic", but, of course, the technology of the 21st century, systems of the latest navigation and safety. "Titanic 2" half the northern hemisphere and the first voyage from England to North America is scheduled for late 2016. - Said Palmer.
    How It Will Look The Titanic II

    As with the Board of Directors in 1912, and now the "Titanic" will be divided into three classes, and the lower class passengers will not be able to spend more. Passengers receive clothing from the early 20th century, for the more experienced the atmosphere of the time, and the ship will not be the Internet and television. 

    New "Titanic" in figures: 
    2435 passengers 
    900 crew lifeboats can accommodate 
    2700 passengers and rafts 
    800 270 meters in length 
    55,800 tons 
    24 knots speed 
    40,000 people registered for the trip price not yet revealed 

    The Titanic

    The old "Titanic": 
    16 wooden boats  
    1,502 people were killed in the sinking


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