Thursday, 4 July 2013

  • Brazil's “Gold Digger” Robbery – 262 feet

    It is one of the most spectacular bank robberies in history. At the beginning of August 2005, the criminals managed to get out of the EUR 40 million, the Brazilian Central Bank's vaults. To this end, they found a shop that pretended to sell artificial turf. They advertised their shop, baseball caps, and even took out ads in the local paper to enhance their cover. At the same time in the back room they tunneled their way to the street and eventually becomes a vault. Now here is where it gets really interesting – the thieves stole the notes that were taken off, so they could not be found. The story has become legendary in Brazil. Although many low-level offenders have been caught or are murdered, people involved with the ring leader, a man known as Paulo Sergio remains high.

    Brazil's “Gold Digger” Robbery


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