Saturday, 8 June 2013

  • Hunza Valley

    The Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit–Baltistan region of Pakistan. The Hunza is situated north/west of the Hunza River, at an elevation of around 2,500 metres. The territory of Hunza is about 7,900 square kilometres. 

    Roadside waterfall 

    Nepal, Himalayas, Annapurna Conservation Area.

    Entering the different lush green valleys is like a dream. Like little green dots of an oasis in between the arid rock deserts of the Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu kush mountain ranges. Apricot, cherry and walnut trees welcome you from far away.

    Nearly each of these valleys once were independent kingdoms - even today they speak their own languages, sometimes the languages differ within viewing range from one side to the other of one and the same valley.


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